Bringing stories to life

Our goal is to create stories that inspire and motivate our audience to grow and to empower them to inspire and motivate others to do the same. In this day and age, we mainly focus on what we as individuals need in order to achieve a successful life.  But we tend to forget that we could achieve so much more when we join our forces together!


Bird & Sheep is that story. The symbol of completely different beings, with totally different backgrounds and talents, coming together and becoming better versions of themselves. A story, not only for children, but basically for every single one of us.


Curt Fortin

The story of Bird & Sheep is mend to inspire children ages 4 to 5 to value and accept themselves,

despite the color of their skin, cultural background and talent. And to help them realize that helping each other, will get ‘them’ further along the road, then trying to reach for the stars by ‘themselves’.


Bird & Sheep are two completely different beings. Living their lives in their natural habitat. Bird is free, flying around from tree to tree and Sheep is enjoying the comfort of the outside nature and the modern technology build into his own beautiful red barn. This is the world where these two characters come together. 


Bird & Sheep are both transparent, universal individuals and because they are both animals, there is no gender preferences. Girls and boys will be able to relate to them without a doubt.