The Animation

In the animation series Bird & Sheep challenge each other constantly. Whether it’s that Bird is having difficulty finding a warm place to sleep. Or Sheep is bored from standing around and wanting to fly high in the sky like his feathered friend. Neither one nor the other can get their mission accomplished without the help of each other.

They come to learn that their specific talent and features are not only valuable to themselves, but also and maybe evenmore to their beloved friend.


Because Bird & Sheep aren’t able to speak our language, a voice-over narrates the story as if it had witnessed the situation unfolding earlier that day. They do express themselves by using their own animal sounds, but with humanlike emotions. Which most of the time would be quite funny and expressive. With a pinch of slapstick and uplifting music their adventures become lively and easy to follow.


But as in real-life, the balance between comedy and tragedy is essential.

Therefor the characters will also be facing disappointments,

handing themselves over to the mercy of the other.

So that, when they come together, all ends well.